Declare black money or face punitive action: PM Narendra Modi

BE2C2 Report, Jul 23, 2016 —  Warning black money holders of stringent action including imprisonment after September 30, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said those with undisclosed wealth, most of which is parked in jewelry and real estate, Read more ›

کشمیر پر مودی کی کلمنجارو پہاڑ جیسی خاموشی

ارشاد سلیم —  غیرمنطقیت وادیٔ کشمیر سے کِلِمَنجارو پہاڑ کے ملک لئے سفر پر نکلی اور سر اٹھائے اپنی منزل پر پہونچی گئی۔  یہ ملک تین آتش فشاں پہاڑوں ’’کیبو‘‘، ’’ماوینزی‘‘، اور ’’شیرا‘‘ کا مخروطہ ہے۔ تنزانیہ میں واقع جبلِ Read more ›

Opinion: Why is Kashmir bleeding?

By AIJAZ ZAKA SYED — The Indian media boasts an illustrious history. Born under the British rule, it quickly mastered the rules of the game, working around the stiff curbs and acute sensitivities of colonial masters. If the Independence movement Read more ›

Malaysia’s Mahathir to launch party to challenge PM Najib over ‘corruption’

Influential ex-premier says proposed party will work with opposition, with aim of ousting Najib’s government MAMOSA Report, Jul 14, 2016: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday announced plans to launch a new political party that would form a Read more ›

An Indian company sent 6,000 bags of green tea to Donald Trump to “cleanse” him

JUL 14, 2016 — An Indian company has sent some 6,000 bags of India’s famed Assam green tea to Donald Trump to help him “purify” his mind. Kolkata-based TE-A-ME, expects that the tea would last the presumptive Republican presidential nominee four Read more ›

The US has cut off the path to citizenship for India and China’s most exceptionally talented people

JUL 14, 2016 — For the first time in nine years, the cap on a prized US visa for the most skilled Chinese and Indian workers is set to be reached. On July 11, the US State Department announced that Read more ›

Balochistan: Caught in the Fragility Trap (part 1)

Beset by multiple cyclical conflicts, Balochistan remains the most fragile province in Pakistan. This brief discusses recent attempts at ending the violence, as well as prospects for breaking out of the “fragility trap” as a consequence of the China-Pakistan Economic Read more ›

Opinion: Urdu language in crisis

By SHABBIR AHMAD — I CANNOT recall my last “pure” Urdu conversation with someone, not even with a person who had a university degree in Urdu literature. It is very unfortunate that most of the times we struggle to find Read more ›