The first Zafran Indian Bistro in Riyadh opens–with wall art by Arab artist Jeffar Khaldi

BE2C2 Report — The first Zafran Indian Bistro in Riyadh is now open, with a difference. A stunning collage art installation depicting the arts and history of India juxtaposed with local images was created exclusively for the venue by Arab artist Read more ›

New York Fashion Week: Tiffany Trump attends Chinese designer Taoray Wang’s show

FEB 12, 2017 — Tiffany Trump (L) posed for a photo with Chinese designer Wang Tao at the backstage before Tao’s show at the New York Fashion Week on Feb. 11. At the invitation of the designer Wang Tao, Tiffany, Read more ›

The Best Winter Jacket for Men and Women is “Motorcycle Jacket”: Fortune Magazine

FEB 12, 2017 — Business travel is tough. In the winter? Even worse. You need something more versatile. That something is a motorcycle jacket, Fortune recommends. Whether on the plane, off the plane, too-warm airports, too-cold climates, a time zone-hopping Read more ›

‘First Indian couple to climb Everest’ accused of faking it by photoshopping pics

Jun 30, 2016 — Police in India are investigating a case where in a couple – both employed as constables with the Maharashtra police – claimed to have scaled Mount Everest. Following complaints by fellow climbers, police started investigating photographic Read more ›

VIDEO: Will India use this awesome Pakistani idea?

BE2C2 Report — A Pakistani mattress company called Master MoltyFoam has launched a campaign to ensure that hard working laborers and the homeless get a peaceful night’s sleep — and the idea has found traction across the border as well. Read more ›

A Pakistani youth experiences ‘culture shocks’ in the U.S.

By ZARNAIN SHAH — Traveling abroad is one of the best ways to step outside of your comfort zone. Everything is different – the people, the language, the food, the sight, the smell and an entirely new culture. While most Read more ›

In India, Muslim women call for end to ´triple talaq´ divorce

BHOPAL: Only three words were scrawled on the letter from her husband and posted to her parent´s home in central India, but they were enough to shatter Sadaf Mehmood´s life. Using an ancient and controversial Islamic practice, Mehmood´s husband wrote Read more ›

2000 drummers in Istanbul keep the ancient Ramadan tradition alive

ISTANBUL (AP): In the dark of night, when the streets of Istanbul enjoy a rare moment of quiet, Ali Buldu sets out beating his drum to wake up his neighborhood. For most, Buldu’s passing is a welcomed sign that the Read more ›