Remember Panamagate? ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’

By IRSHAD SALIM – Imran Khan’s Panamagate movement (6 months old now) and the status quo’s damage control moves (latest) reminds me of the famous movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” — a 1981 Hollywood film adaptation of the 1934 Read more ›

Imran Khan and Edward Snowden: As the world turns

By IRSHAD SALIM — There is a strain of similarity between Edward Snowden and Imran Khan – their gambit and the gadfly in them. Snowden thought morally “necessary” to shine a light on mass surveillance in his society. Khan braved Read more ›

Pakistan’s Democratic Opportunity at Crossroads

By MADIHA AFZAL — In the three years since May 2013 elections, trends have been less sanguine. The election that brought Nawaz Sharif back as prime minister for the third time had been marred by anecdotal evidence of electoral rigging. Read more ›

Opinion: Why is Kashmir bleeding?

By AIJAZ ZAKA SYED — The Indian media boasts an illustrious history. Born under the British rule, it quickly mastered the rules of the game, working around the stiff curbs and acute sensitivities of colonial masters. If the Independence movement Read more ›

Balochistan: Caught in the Fragility Trap (part 1)

Beset by multiple cyclical conflicts, Balochistan remains the most fragile province in Pakistan. This brief discusses recent attempts at ending the violence, as well as prospects for breaking out of the “fragility trap” as a consequence of the China-Pakistan Economic Read more ›

Opinion: Urdu language in crisis

By SHABBIR AHMAD — I CANNOT recall my last “pure” Urdu conversation with someone, not even with a person who had a university degree in Urdu literature. It is very unfortunate that most of the times we struggle to find Read more ›

Karachi’s paradox and the conflicting love triangle

By FAISAL SIDDIQI — KARACHI is a strange city and its inhabitants’ peculiarities are obvious from their conflicting attitudes towards the role of the law-enforcement agencies (i.e. police, Rangers, intelligence services) in the continuing Karachi operations against militancy and crime. Read more ›

Brexit: What does it mean for the rest of the world?

The danger is that further fragmentation could be formalized by minority groups calling for a referendum worldwide. By AHMED RASHID — The success of the referendum in Britain will not just inspire more countries to use referendums to leave the European Union, but Read more ›