New York Fashion Week: Tiffany Trump attends Chinese designer Taoray Wang’s show

FEB 12, 2017 — Tiffany Trump (L) posed for a photo with Chinese designer Wang Tao at the backstage before Tao’s show at the New York Fashion Week on Feb. 11. At the invitation of the designer Wang Tao, Tiffany, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, along with her mother watched the Taoray Wang show as a guest on Saturday.

Among 16 Chinese designers at the show, Taoray Wang has reportedly gained an international reputation among the powerful, professional and modern working women, even the daughter of the US President, wrote

Attaching great importance to combining modern art and Chinese traditional elements, Wang’s designs have been praised by the fashion industry.

With her diverse background and global heritage spanning over three continents, Taoray Wang is a melting pot of contrasts. But she says Chinese culture is deeply-rooted in her, and can be seen from the tailoring and the colors that she uses.

Wang said the inspiration for her designs comes from watching China’s time-travel dramas based upon girls falling asleep in pajamas and waking up in men’s suits.

She said her brand is designed for the powerful, professional and modern woman who wants to be stylish, elegant and sexy. It serves confident women who are not afraid to show femininity through edgy designs.

“I think it’s gorgeous. I mean I know she had inside with the dragon designs and different silks from bright pinks to bright greens, makes it delicate and very special. Last September, I had the chance to come to her show and honestly her tailoring and her aesthetics design are just unparalleled. She is such a sweet, sweet woman as well and I’m wearing Tao now. Her designs are just truly spectacular.” said Tiffany Trump.

This is the sixth time that Taoray Wang has taken part in the week long fashion gala. A fashion enthusiast herself, Wang once worked as an intern at Vogue and modeled for an Andrew Warren fashion show during last year’s event.

New York Fashion Week is one of four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the “Big 4”, along with those in Paris, London and Milan. Including Wang, there are about 16 Chinese designers among 70 at this year’s show that will run until Thursday.

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