200,000 evacuated as California’s massive earthen dam in Oroville threatens catastrophic floods

BE2C2/MAMOSA Report — More than a decade ago, officials rejected concerns that the massive earthen spillway at Oroville Dam in California could erode during heavy winter rains. It is now at risk of collapse, the Mercury News and USA Today reported.

Ironically, the state’s five years of drought caused Lake Oroville’s water levels to plunge to a low of 33 percent of capacity, according to the Los Angeles Times. The lake became a poster child for the drought. In a dramatic shift, Northern California witnessed an extraordinarily rainy winter this year that caused waters to rise to their highest levels in decades, The Washington Post reported.

As a comparison, the average annual flow rate for Niagra Falls is 85,000 cfs and the Oroville Dam is currently at 100,000 cfs down the spillway.

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