Famous Indian Spiritual guru asked to leave housing society in Mumbai

MUMBAI — Constantly harassed and troubled by the constant presence of spiritual guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Z-plus security in plush Juhu housing society, he has called home for the past few days, and the multiple checks the residents have to undergo to enter their own houses, the Riviera Cooperative Housing Society, where the guru occupies a sea-facing duplex apartment, has issued the guru a notice asking him to leave.

According to media reports, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh took residence in the housing society in February and the housing society was told that he would leave on February 10. The housing society has alleged that the owner of the apartment the guru is occupying had not specified which godman he was giving his flat to.

When Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh arrived, the members of the housing society – comprising two buildings Reviera and Reviera Beach – were shocked to see the size of his security detail. At any given point, 36 armed policemen occupy the Reviera’s ground floor. Both Reviera and Reviera Beach have 12 floor and 25 apartments each.

A reporter of a local newspaper said that the society members have alleged that apart from not leaving any space for children to play, the policemen put every person entering the building through a round of frisking.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh heads a spiritual cult, and commands huge following in Punjab and Haryana. In recent years the guru has featured in a series of films starring him in the lead role.

The society’s chairman Suresh Jasani said the guru’s security detail has become a nuisance for the residents. “His guards are all over the compound. There is constant traffic of vehicles coming in and leaving the compound,” he said.

Jasani further said the society is considering all options before it. “There have been discussions and a decision will be made in a committee meeting soon.”

Singh’s spokesperson Aditya Insaan said he has not received any communication from the housing society. “There is no truth in the allegations. He used to stay in Bandra earlier and there was no such complaint. If there is any such defamatory material against the spiritual guru then appropriate action will be taken,” he said.

(Al Bilad)

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